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Social networking is now a huge part of our lives – both online and offline – so it’s not a massive surprise that it has now infiltrated the world of wedding planning. The oddly named Weduary aims to bring together your guests even before they attend your wedding, with the intention that your guests will already know each other by the time your wedding happens. It’s a bit of a strange concept, but given the number of couples that find each other at weddings, it’s not such a huge leap to make and will probably make planning your wedding a bit easier too. 

The site itself is easy to use and allows you to put together a wedding website in a few minutes, including a custom theme and color palette to match the theme of your wedding. There are lots of basic website profiles to choose from, but you can genuinely spend as much time as you like putting together a unique site that suits the feel of your day, which is as useful as it is good fun.

As you would expect with a website builder with a social networking twist, you can even invite your guests through your site using their Facebook account details or by personal email and manage your RSVP list through your site.

Once they have accepted, your guests can get involved with the networking elements of the site, sharing stories about you and their favorite photos of you and your other half. Finally, you can also add photos of you and your spouse quickly and easily – either from your computer or by direct upload from your Facebook account. 

There were a few features of this site that we thought were particularly good. First, users can choose a custom domain name for their website, making it easier for their guests to find and remember the site. Secondly, users can control access to their website – hosting both public and private pages – meaning that only your guests can access the private details of your wedding by logging in with details you give them (while other parts of your site can be seen by those you haven’t invited, such as your photos and the story of how you met).

You can also hook up your website with your gift registry, making it easier for your guests to purchase gifts from your registry lists (if ever there was a good reason to have a wedding website, there you have it!)

If you’re looking for a free wedding website builder, Weduary could well be a good choice for you. Even if you’re not interested in hooking up your guests before they meet on your big day, there are a lot of good features on offer with this service, so it’s worth using if you want a wedding website without the subscription fees!

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