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eWedding Review

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eWedding.com is a great new service that aims to offer users the chance to build beautiful, easy to create websites that utilize the most up to date technology. eWedding.com was set up to address what its operators consider one of the main problems in the wedding website industry – that sites created often look great on screen when viewed on traditional browsers, but fail to keep up with modern technology and so often don’t render correctly on smaller screens.

Given that many of your guests (and indeed you) will probably access your site on a tablet or smart phone, creating a site that looks great on screens of any size is an important consideration.  The first thing we noticed about eWedding.com is how slick the site is – the graphics are easy on the eye, the layout is modern and fresh and the site is generally easy to use. eWedding puts a lot of effort into ensuring that creating your own wedding site is not only a simple experience, but also an enjoyable one.

Once registered, new users can check out the template pages and themes and make a decision about the type of site they want to create. Unlike some other services that offer up to thousands of low quality themes, eWedding concentrates on giving users a choice of a smaller number of fully customizable themes that look great and work with a number of themes. At the moment, the number is really quite small (just nine, with a few more on the way), but each one can be customized to fit your color palette (as well as changing the fonts, background images and more), while still retaining the general look and feel of the base site. The level of quality on offer here is undeniable, however, so we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the result. 

There are a couple of other features of this site that deserve a mention, too. Premium users can choose their own custom domain name as the hosting location for their site. This means you can choose something truly personal that your guests will remember, rather than having a standard “jackandjill.weddingsite.com” domain name. Users can also add a number of great additional features to their site, including an RSVP tracker (you can also receive copies of your guests’ RSVPS via text message in real time which is both exciting and useful), guest book and gift registry. With more than 750,000 wedding websites created and hosted with eWedding.com it’s clear that couples like what this site has to offer. 

In terms of cost, even premium membership at eWedding is affordable, so even couples planning a wedding on a budget can use eWedding. Users can choose from “Freemium” membership which is, as you would expect, free of charge and opens up access to a limited number of features and themes, or “Premium” membership which offers unlimited access to the site and all themes, for just $7 per month.  This makes eWedding one of the cheapest premium services we have reviewed, so it’s excellent value for money for such a quality product.  If all of this sounds right for you and your big day, head over to eWedding.com to get started with creating your own great wedding site. Enjoy.

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