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Please note that WedSimple has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of WedSimple below, or check out the rest of the Wedding Websites we've reviewed.

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WedSimple Review

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WedSimple is an excellent wedding planning site that takes our number one spot in this category. Quite simply, its one of the most comprehensive and functional services we have come across when researching this category and we’re sure that our readers will have a great time using it to plan their weddings. With more features and functions than almost any other service we have reviewed, together with a great value for money pricing plan, WedSimple is a great investment in your wedding and one that we’re certain you won’t regret making.

After all, organizing a wedding is a stressful and time-consuming process, so any tool or service that can take some of the pain out of the organizational detail can only be a good thing. WedSimple is that service, whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a wedding with hundreds of guests.  As usual, our expert review gives you the full low-down on what you can expect from the service, so read on to find out everything you need to know about WedSimple. 

WedSimple has two sets of features – those relating to planning your wedding and those relating to building and hosting your own wedding website to share information about yourselves and your big day with your guests. We think that WedSimple does both of these things very well and this is really the reason why we’ve ranked it number one in this category – it really will add something to your wedding and help you to get the most out of the time (and money) you have to plan your wedding.

One of the best things about using a service like WedSimple is the 'always on' functionality it offers – if you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat about your cake or photographer, you can log into the site and send an email about it, leave yourself a note or check details, making the site super useful at every stage in the planning process. 

In terms of features, WedSimple really does have a lot to offer. Users start by plugging in the basic details of their wedding (date, time, location, etc.) and then split their wedding into a number of ‘events’. WedSimple assumes that you will have at least one event (your wedding, of course), but there’s also the option to add your bachelor/stag and bachelorette/hen parties, a bridal shower, a rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, and more, so you can plan each one using the features on offer at WedSimple.

Once you’ve created your events, you can link them to the other features on the site to really get the most out of this service. Once you add guests to your guestlist, you can indicate on each guest’s profile which events they will be attending and which communications they should receive, streamlining the planning process considerably.

You can also invite certain family or friends to have special access to your WedSimple account so that they can help you to plan elements of your wedding which is a great feature. For example, your parents may be able to help you by gathering and entering the contact details of their respective relatives. Likewise, your friends may be able to help with your bridal shower or bachelorette party. Rest assured that your friends and family cannot make changes to other parts of your wedding website, as you can easily control which areas you'd like to make available to which people.

WedSimple also lets you upload a picture and write a blurb about each member of your wedding party. This gives your friends and family a nice introduction to your nearest and dearest. On a practical level, it also gives your guests (and especially your ushers) a useful heads up on who's who. It’s worth spending a bit of time inputting your guestlist data in the first instance, as doing this properly will vastly improve the usability of the service.

Each guest has a profile that contains their details, RSVP status, address, dietary needs, which events they will attend and any other information you need, making it easier to plan numerous elements of your day. These profiles are automatically linked to the RSVP service that WedSimple runs, so when your guests RSVP to your invite, their profile automatically updates with their preferences and new information.

WedSimple.com also integrates with third party wedding software such as Perfect Table Plan, which is invaluable if you want to enter the dimensions of rooms, tables, chairs and the spaces between each table and thereby discover precisely what table plans will fit your venue... and what table plans won't fit your venue! This should help you avoid last minute, panic-striken re-shuffling. You can also group your guests into groups based on which events they will attend and connect them with other members of their household to automatically generate invitations and envelope address labels.

What’s more, the site’s excellent built-in messaging service lets you email all of the guests attending a particular event in your wedding quickly and easily using ‘email blasts’. Easy! You can also apply individual event budgets to each of your events, as well as a whole wedding budget, so you can track exactly what you are spending on each element of your wedding.  All of the data generated by WedSimple can be exported in a number of file types, so you can manipulate your data in MS Excel or MS Word, for example, or use it with other wedding planning software

The other side of the WedSimple service is as a means of showcasing your journey. Couples can now have their own personal website to share information about themselves and their wedding plans with their guests (if the planning tools are “back office”, consider this to be the “front of house”). Users can create their own site based on hundreds of designs and then customize their sites as much or as little as they wish, adding photo albums, videos, YouTube clips, downloadable files and more.

What we particularly loved about the sites you can create with WedSimple is that, although they are based on common templates, each site looks so individual and personal, with features encouraging users to use the sites to express their personalities and customize its content.  All users can choose a “[CoupleName].wedsite.com” domain name, making it easy for guests to find your site. 

As well as all of the basic features, WedSimple also offers a vast range of additional features that allow you to add extra content to your wedding websites. Users can choose from any or all of the following: a cash-based gift registry (with users adding items to their list and guests being able to “purchase” them by transferring funds via WedSimple); a virtual guestbook; online RSVPs; directions and accomodations information; an in-site playlist; photo galleries; YouTube videos; a countdown; a hit counter (to see how many guests have visited the wedding website) and many more. All in all, these sites are some of the most functional and exciting wedding sites we have come across. 

One of the best things about WedSimple is the value for money it offers. You can get started with a free trial and, if you like the service and want to continue to host your site there, opt to extend your subscription on either a monthly basis, for a set duration or on an unlimited basis (for weddings that are more than a year ahead).

The most you will pay for your membership of WedSimple is $80, which offers excellent value for money when compared with many of the other sites in this market. If you’re not totally convinced by what is on offer at WedSimple, you can read hundreds of user testimonials on the site to find out what other couples thought of this service…you won’t be unconvinced for long!

In a nutshell, we found that WedSimple offers:

  • an extremely user-friendly layout which makes it simple to build and manage your website
  • excellent pre- and post-wedding planning tools to help you keep track of everything
  • an interactive system that makes customization simple (e.g. you can easily re-order and re-name items on the navigation menu, hide pages that are under development, etc.)
  • a supremely efficient customer support team who are very quick to resolve any technical glitches you may (very rarely) encounter and take on board suggestions for useful additions to the site

WedSimple really is one of the best services on offer in this market. The features are simple to use and comprehensive, the websites you can create are both beautiful and functional, and WedSimple is great value for money. In fact, of all of your wedding-related expenses, a wedding planning website like WedSimple.com will probably give you the most satisfying return for your investment! So why not check out WedSimple before you start planning your wedding.

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Please note that WedSimple has now been discontinued.

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